What’s It Like To Be An Aspie?

I found this online the other day, and I just keep returning to it. I can’t tell who created it, just that it was done in 2012. But this feels like every day. I hide it so well most times, but that doesn’t always work. Here’s the text from this drawing:

I’m analytical (I’m analyzing right now). – I’m egocentric.

love people, but they hate me instead. – I’m literal.

hate too much attention/fuss. – I love routines and structure.

I think jokes are insults (then people bash me for being so serious).

I give too much eye-contact at times – then too little.

always think people hate or dislike me.

don’t know how to start a conversation.

People think I’m boring.

Why do people judge me when I’m only being nice?

notice things people don’t normally.

have emotional outbursts for the most simplest things.

love to talk but no one gives me a chance.

I don’t show much facial expression.

People think I’m angry when I’m actually happy.

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