Top 5 Family Destinations

5. Staycation

Exercise your creative muscle and plan a staycation. There are very well likely interesting things you’ve never found or had time to do in your own town and county. Maximize your family time. Maximize your savings.

4. The Mountains

The mountains give you many things you can do depending on which region and what time of year. Skiing is always a classic favorite in the winter. Those who can’t/don’t ski can always pull the classic and stay in the lodge by the fire drinking hot cocoa.

3. Throwback Visits

In the past, HUGE family vacations were always on the docket. It might have been a trip to the Grand Canyon (are we there yet?). Or it could have been a trip to DisneyLand/World. Just be aware, Disney is out to get your money even more these days. You almost need a small fortune to attend.

2. State Capitals

This is a must for everyone. Start with the state you live in. There are ALWAYS things to do, as well as teach the kids some civics lessons while you’re at it. If you want to get really adventurous, make it a goal to visit one every year. You’ll hit at least one third of them by the time one kid graduates from high school.

1. Cruise

Do you really think I would forget Hawaii? Maybe take a cruise to Hawaii. But a cruise is where you can make sure the kids can’t use their electronics (because it is stupid expensive for connection fees), but you can still drop them off at an activity where they will be watched and have separate adult time.

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