Quitting Blogging In Reverse

I am writing this in response to this blog at ProBlogger.net:

I’ve hated the idea of quitting blogging.

I’ve wanted to have a sustained blog for years. My desire to that goes back to pre-My Space days. I could never find the drive on the content to do so.

I also wanted to maintain my own platform. I didn’t want to use someone else’s platform.

I’m not a pro. I’ve never monetized my blogs. I’ve written professionally on other platforms. But blogging was never about making money. It was always a passion project to me. I have started and ended many individual blogs. They have always had small audiences. Some were cathartic, and have had no audience at all.

My problem has been HOW to write sustained.

With age comes wisdom…in all things.

As I have learned to stand up for myself, finally, in middle age…I have also learned how to express myself. I write and promote under pseudonyms when I am really sharing what’s on my mind, since my real-life inner circle rarely truly understands me. I also write under my real name, both for personal stories, professional assessment and reflection, and personal enrichment.

I am going to try podcasting soon, as well.

As the song lyrics go…”Express Yourself”

Quit blogging if that’s you. If you’re someone else, keep writing. Do what brings you the most inner peace.

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