Hot Selfie

“Show us your hot selfie!” “We want your hot selfie!” This is me, in a hot springs. There you go. Hot selfie.

People Of Walmart: The Entry Doors

How many people already know what I am talking about? Huh? You can’t tell me that in America, where the spawn of Sam Walton is squashing mom and pop shops, that you have not entered a Walmart in your life. So when you walk up on the double-door entry, which door are you supposed to … Read morePeople Of Walmart: The Entry Doors

The Dangers Of Groupthink

A Social Experiment: In the past couple of weeks, I have been wandering around the Twitter-verse looking for potential conversations that could be very interesting. I like to provoke these conversations because often, both myself and at least one person across from me in the conversation learn something from each other. But these conversations in … Read moreThe Dangers Of Groupthink