People Of Walmart: The Entry Doors

How many people already know what I am talking about? Huh? You can’t tell me that in America, where the spawn of Sam Walton is squashing mom and pop shops, that you have not entered a Walmart in your life.

So when you walk up on the double-door entry, which door are you supposed to go in? Americans are hard-wired to stay to the right. Thank you traffic laws. But when you arrive at a Walmart, have you ever noticed that the sign for “Enter” is not always over the right hand door? I’ve seen so many people almost run in to others, because they don’t look at the signs. I see people crossing in front of others to get a basket, just because they don’t look at the signs. I’ve had people give me the STARE OF DOOM simply because I was exiting at the exit doors and impeding them entering to the right.

If you take a moment to notice the placement of the “enter” and “exit” signs at Walmart, there is a pattern. The “exit” doors are to the inside. They are the closest doors for people leaving a check-out stand. So if you enter on the left hand side of the building (typically the “Market” entrance), the entry doors will be to your left. If you enter on the right hand side of the building (typically the “Home & Pharmacy” entrance), the entry doors will be to your right. Also, the entry doors are always by the baskets.

I wish I knew how to take this propensity to always go to the right and apply it to people walking down the left-hand side of a wide isle. To quote Michelle Tanner, “how rude!”

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