Unfinished Writings…Will This Be Any Different?

The Boss says I never stick with anything. It happens at times, but it’s never because I’m flaky. It could be because I’m flighty. It could be because I’m discouraged. I could be depressed, overloaded, or even melting down.

Currently I have three blog posts started and saved as drafts. But I keep coming back to the blog. I haven’t come back to those drafts yet, but I keep coming back to the blog. I keep going to my job even though I just want to quit right now. I’m looking at getting back in to school, again, even though I am the WORST STUDENT IN THE WORLD! I’m seriously investigating what I need to not only change jobs, but change careers right now. I enjoy taking care of my son and will happily do it (to The Boss’ chagrin, not to her standards, but he is taken care of).

My latest is I went to the mountains for the Labor Day weekend. Before that weekend, I had started using a FitBit, and gaming it out against some high steppers by doing 2-5 mile walks. I would do that multiple times on the weekend. However, in the weekend warrior competition over Labor Day weekend, one person in there still kicked my tail because he works the chain gang at a college football program’s home games. But that wasn’t the only discouragement. I got to traipse around the mountains, breathing in the mountain air, not pounding the asphalt of the streets, and walking for a purpose and not to accumulate steps. I’ve rebelled from doing anything major for a couple of weeks now, but will pick back up this week. I just needed a detox. And I really need a move to the mountains. Or the desert. Or both.

Man, have I dovetailed from unfinished blogs to walkable communities, eh?

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