Who Said Anything About An Addiction?!?

This morning, I got an ice cold root beer on the way to work. Root beer is so good. It’s a favorite go to of mine. Normally, I take about 70 ounces if iced tea from home with me every morning, but I was out as of yesterday and never made more before this morning.

Soft drinks are easily considered addictive in nature. Something about sugar in most forms just reels people in. But let me give you a quick mental picture.

One day, I got dinner on the way home. While getting my kid out of the car, I put my root beer on top of the car. The wind was enough that evening to blow the root beer off the top of the car. The next morning, there was still a STAIN on the asphalt where the spill had occurred. If that’s what happened outside of my body, what does it do to the inside of my body?

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