AAM – Day 1 (Intro)


I’m known around these haunts as The Thinker. I go by the name Michael Mordrid. It doesn’t mean that’s really my name. What it does mean is that my real life world doesn’t understand my thought process well enough to accept me unfiltered. So I crawl around the Internet in my true form. My stories are at least based on real life.

I’m in my late thirties (yikes, that hurts to say). I was identified as autistic just a couple of years ago. I’ve been cut loose from a few jobs. I’ve only now started to realize the reasons all those jobs gave were to avoid the reality of things, since reality would open up to legal action.

As far as what I do to occupy my days? I do a lot of things. Currently I get paid to be on Twitter talking to everyone (only because there is rarely anything to do).

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