AAM – Day 4 (Reactions To “Coming Out”)

Reactions can be hilarious, serious, or dead-pan…

At first, my wife thought I had caused bias by poisoning the therapist’s pool of symptoms. But she didn’t want to say that to me, so she said that to my mother, who then said it to me. As well, my wife has tried to free my reality from the structure of how she was raised. Her grandparents raised her, who were both kids in the 30s and 40s. Different values and schools of thought then.

It’s taken some time with my mother, which has required patience on my part. However, she’s finally coming around.

Everyone else not as close to me has been very open-minded about it. I’m not sure if any of them were faking their response. Most have asked many questions. It’s a blessing.

I continue to try and expand my openness about being autistic.

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