AAM – Day 5 (Special Interests)

So, my special interests…

I have always enjoyed what I sometimes refer to as “forgotten modern history”. It seems like everywhere I go in the United States, it is rare to find someone that knows much about what happened between the Civil War and now. For instance (and this is before the Civil War), how many of you realize that the French and Indian Wars were actually spillover from European dynastic arguments? How about that the man that caused the five-star general ranking to be revolutionized was in charge of the American military during World War 1? General John Pershing. Or how about that the United States military as we know it didn’t start taking that shape until during World War 2? Do you know who was the architect of the Japanese government after World War 2? General MacArthur. The same was the commanding general at the start of the Korean War. The same was also Field Marshal of the Army of the Philippines before being recalled by the American military for World War 2.

Yeah, I’m a history nut. And I didn’t even info-dump on you.

I also live in the least rugby friendly country in the world, but still love the game of rugby.

I enjoy really good story telling on TV shows and movies, and I have pretty stellar recall of all the details I’ve seen.

And of course, my autistic kid counts as a special interest, because I’m trying to make sure he is cared for properly when he’s not with me.

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