AAM – Day 6 (Supports and Appreciation)

Being an autistic adult, it’s hard to find supports. My therapist talked to me about getting involved in local groups. I told her that it might be good for the purposes of my kid, but it’s not good for me.

Support should be peers going through the same thing.

In my town, according to the math, there should be between 3000-4000 autistic people. Some are obviously children. Some are going to be at level 2 or level 3 on the autism spectrum (see DSM 5), so they require regular care. Just guessing, that leave with a possible 500 autistic people at level 1 that are adults. That’s like finding a freaking needle in the haystack. And because I live somewhere that discourages outside the box behavior or thinking, those 500 may not all know they are autistic.

My therapist is probably my biggest support right now. There are autistic people in her family. So with the regular exposure, she’s able to understand my hot take on things enough to make me feel “normal”. That is refreshing.

It also helps to have the #ActuallyAutistic community on Twitter. Talking to peers is awesome.

I appreciate having my autistic kid as well. Helping him get what he needs helps distract me from the social disabilities and otherwise of life.

No tools on my phone really help, because I have this amazing ability to ignore them even if I don’t want to.

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