AAM – Day 13 (Family)

When I think of families, many things come to mind. There is the family you were born in to. There is a family of like people that could bond over anything. There are stick figure families on bumper stickers put on the back windshield of soccer mom suburbans and mini-vans…

As an autistic person, I consider family important and sacred. Family is your core group of people that provides mutual support. I have my family I was born in to. I have my family when I got married and had a child. I’ve got family on social media of fellow autistic people.

We must remember though that some autistic people need family more than others. Some are not capable of taking care of themselves enough to where their family provides them support, but may get nothing in return. I took my kid to a family fun night organized by a local autism group last night. The facility we went to is one my kid has been to MANY times, so he is very comfortable and runs around. He was the only one doing so last night. A majority of the kids there were staying very close to their family that came with them.

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