AAM – Day 15 (Everyone should know…)

The Queen of Soul got this one right.

What should everyone know?


As an autistic person, I just want to have the same respect shown as anyone else. I just want to be included in what everyone else is. I want to know you’re going to ask me about something I did or said instead of judge me. I want you to know that I need my space. I want you to know I will respect your space in turn. I want you to know that I pose opposite of the discussion because I’m looking for a more thorough understanding. I want you to know I feel marginalized when you don’t listen to my rationale. I want you to know that, though I may cut you off and say you’re wrong about something, I want to hear YOUR rationale. I BEG people to prove me wrong. If you prove me wrong, that means I’ve learned something new. If you prove me wrong, I get to say that you’re right.

Most important of all, everyone should know I am just a human being, and the human race is chalk full of diversity…like both of us…

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