Unfinished Writings…Will This Be Any Different?

The Boss says I never stick with anything. It happens at times, but it’s never because I’m flaky. It could be because I’m flighty. It could be because I’m discouraged. I could be depressed, overloaded, or even melting down. Currently I have three blog posts … Continue readingUnfinished Writings…Will This Be Any Different?


I was raised in a religious family. So, often, the situations God places us in for our own good, the good of others, or to teach us something was (and is) a subject brought up in conversation. I had my mother bring this up to … Continue readingPatience

Confusing Communications

Life as a neuro-divergent individual is interesting, yet sometimes mind-numbing. Rarely do you communicate with someone on the same level as yourself unless it is with another neuro-diverse individual somewhere in your neighborhood of the spectrum. You know that kid in math class who would … Continue readingConfusing Communications

What’s It Like To Be An Aspie?

I found this online the other day, and I just keep returning to it. I can’t tell who created it, just that it was done in 2012. But this feels like every day. I hide it so well most times, but that doesn’t always work. … Continue readingWhat’s It Like To Be An Aspie?

Prolific (Non-)Writer

I have the ability in me to be a prolific writer. I can write about so many things until I am blue in the face. In fact, I’ve already written five articles in the last two days while taking care of a three year old … Continue readingProlific (Non-)Writer