I got started on the subject of wisdom and what it means to be wise while talking with a new good friend. This discussion started out on how many people have commented to me before that I have a wise outlook on things. Personally, I’ve … Continue readingWisdom

People Of Walmart: The Entry Doors

How many people already know what I am talking about? Huh? You can’t tell me that in America, where the spawn of Sam Walton is squashing mom and pop shops, that you have not entered a Walmart in your life. So when you walk up … Continue readingPeople Of Walmart: The Entry Doors

Minion Inspiration

So I was reading about the McDonald’s minion toy that supposedly said “What The F***?” My first question to the parents is: 1) Would a public company such as McDonald’s actually stake their reputation as to let something like that slip by? 2) Would a … Continue readingMinion Inspiration