I got started on the subject of wisdom and what it means to be wise while talking with a new good friend. This discussion started out on how many people have commented to me before that I have a wise outlook on things. Personally, I’ve never thought anything I’ve had to say is wise. But, … Read moreWisdom

Human Rights versus Legal Traditions

Which one is right? The rights of people as human beings, or the traditions of an old and parochial institution? The current battle in this standoff is in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia. And we could see the situation blow to bits before the week is over. Catalonia was its own separate region after … Read moreHuman Rights versus Legal Traditions

Hot Selfie

“Show us your hot selfie!” “We want your hot selfie!” This is me, in a hot springs. There you go. Hot selfie.

The Dangers Of Groupthink

A Social Experiment: In the past couple of weeks, I have been wandering around the Twitter-verse looking for potential conversations that could be very interesting. I like to provoke these conversations because often, both myself and at least one person across from me in the conversation learn something from each other. But these conversations in … Read moreThe Dangers Of Groupthink

Minion Inspiration

So I was reading about the McDonald’s minion toy that supposedly said “What The F***?” My first question to the parents is: 1) Would a public company such as McDonald’s actually stake their reputation as to let something like that slip by? 2) Would a company such as Illumination Entertainment, who has made their fortune … Read moreMinion Inspiration