Diagnosis and Self-Awareness

It’s funny, in a dry, dark manner, that I missed writing last week for “Take The Mask Off”. Why? Because it was about burnout. And I feel like with everything on my plate right now, I’m flirting on the edge of burnout. Not only did I not write, I didn’t do a podcast either. Not … Read moreDiagnosis and Self-Awareness

Silently Yelling

It was just another day when it began. I didn’t have the most demanding job in the world. My responsibility? I fixed things when no one else could. My ability? I’m autistic. However, no one in the company knows this. It did not seem something to be discussed because there was low possibility I would … Read moreSilently Yelling

SFCS: Chapter 1 – Appearances Are Not Necessarily Reality

As the motorcade speeds away from Santa Fe Plaza, those left standing there are dumbfounded. It’s almost an eerie silence for that moment. Then, the photographers from the two TV stations who showed up pull out their phones to make calls back to their respective assignment editors to drop the information on them. The handful … Read moreSFCS: Chapter 1 – Appearances Are Not Necessarily Reality

SFCS: The Press Conference

(Santa Fe Combat Sports is a fictional work about a small professional wrestling group in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Settings maybe real, but all characters are works of fiction.)   To anyone who knew Santa Fe Plaza, it is known to be a center for artists and hippies. Santa Fe itself is known to be … Read moreSFCS: The Press Conference

Snow Day (a poem)

Music to the ears of children Dread and terror in the minds of adults A day full of laughter and fun A day where the kids bring to the surface all our faults A day free from school A day free from work Maybe the teacher will forget the quiz like a fool Catching up … Read moreSnow Day (a poem)

In Which Robin Williams Is My Spirit Animal…

So the other day when I was chest deep in a manic episode I had never experienced before, I had been watching “Good Morning Vietnam.” I was never really allowed to see the movie as a kid. Now I understand why my parents chose to keep me from it. My wife had asked me to … Read moreIn Which Robin Williams Is My Spirit Animal…

“Nothing To Lose” #Trust30

Today’s Writing Prompt: “Self-censorship is not just self-betrayal and self-abandonment (which would be bad enough), but soul-betrayal and betrayal of our Muse, out inner voice, our highest self.” Too often we censor ourselves, our actions, and our work in hope or fear of what might happen if we otherwise don’t. What words would you write … Read more“Nothing To Lose” #Trust30

“Worthwhile Day” #Trust30

Today’s Writing Prompt:   “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.”   What is one thing you can do that would make today worthwhile? What’s stopping you from getting started right now?   My Response:   Making today worthwhile?  I’ve started it out great.  I’ve gotten to write. … Read more“Worthwhile Day” #Trust30

“Be You” #Trust30

Today’s Writing Prompt:   In one sentence, who are you?   My Response:   (First of all, makes me think of The Who and CSI.  Who are you?  Who?  Who?  Who?  Who?)   I am a determined, smart individual who always tries to make the best of a situation no matter how good or bad … Read more“Be You” #Trust30

“Number One Passion” #Trust30

Today’s Writing Prompt:   What is your #1 passion in life?  Now, imagine what would happen if you incorporated that passion into your life daily.  Write down your passion and keep it close to you.  Remind yourself of it daily, just like brushing your teeth.   My Response:   My number one passion would have … Read more“Number One Passion” #Trust30