AAM – Day 26 (Favorite Autism Book)

The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of Not-So-Obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens with Asperger Syndrome I am a big fan of plain language that is geared towards the audience. The more simple and straight forward, the better. This book is one that I believe accomplishes that for autistic kids. Obviously … Read moreAAM – Day 26 (Favorite Autism Book)

AAM – Day 25 (Symbols!)

Symbols are a bit of a sticky wicket in the autistic world. So let’s look at what a symbol should be in this modern age. First, a symbol should be something you consider to have meaning. It should be something that you can explain to someone else why it is what it is. It should … Read moreAAM – Day 25 (Symbols!)

AAM – Day 24 (Political Issue)

Probably the biggest political issue in the autistic world is that of equal rights and accessibility. What makes this tough is that the social disability that comes along with being autistic is also an invisible disability. Double whammy!!! In the United States, we have laws allowing us equal rights and equal access. (I don’t know … Read moreAAM – Day 24 (Political Issue)

AAM – Day 23 (Can’t live without…)

I can’t live without my smart phone. I don’t classify it the same as smart phone addiction. Instead, it is my focus device. I watch how my autistic kid bounces from one thing to another, and I relive the same things from my childhood. Technology helps me focus. Basically, one person’s addiction is for me … Read moreAAM – Day 23 (Can’t live without…)

AAM – Day 22 (Dispel a myth)

Empathy. AUTISTIC PEOPLE HAVE EMPATHY! We have emotions. We can empathize with others’ emotions. The lack of “emotional quotient” (EQ) from autistic people is just another myth propelled by an inventory designed for non-autistic people. Is it such a stretch to think that people process emotions differently? That even though that process emotions differently, they … Read moreAAM – Day 22 (Dispel a myth)

AAM – Day 21 (One thing other people don’t understand)

I am not attacking anyone. You’ll know it when I attack you. I make my intentions clear. It is you who muddle the meaning. Do you think I really have the spoons to pick a fight? I avoid the fight. I don’t like the chaos. I don’t like the stress. I do not mince my … Read moreAAM – Day 21 (One thing other people don’t understand)

AAM – Day 20 (Communication)

Communication is the most slippery of topics in the autistic space. That is because we clearly would communicate differently if we could. So instead of our own communication, we end up needing to emulate the vagueness of a neuro-typical communication. Where introverts may be disgusted and turned off at the idea of small talk, autistic … Read moreAAM – Day 20 (Communication)

AAM – Day 19 (I hate it when…)

I hate it when people “listen” to me but don’t actually listen to me. While growing up, it would be a common occurrence in my house to be in a “discussion” of sorts with my parents because we didn’t see eye-to-eye on something I did or wanted to do. During calm times, I was told … Read moreAAM – Day 19 (I hate it when…)

AAM – Day 18 (Someday…)

It’s easy to say someday… Someday, I will be rich. Someday, I will have my debts paid off. Someday, I will have the job I always wanted. Someday, I will have that amazing car. Someday… Someday needs to be today for all of your personal “somedays”. For the somedays you can’t control… I hope someday … Read moreAAM – Day 18 (Someday…)

AAM – Day 17 (Accommodations)

No one wants to accommodate you. They want you to accommodate to them. The ones that will actually accommodate you are the unicorns that think like forward thinking leaders such as Sir Richard Branson. Treat them well. Then they will treat you well. It would be nice to see the world of accommodation and inclusion … Read moreAAM – Day 17 (Accommodations)