AAM – Day 21 (One thing other people don’t understand)

I am not attacking anyone. You’ll know it when I attack you. I make my intentions clear. It is you who muddle the meaning. Do you think I really have the spoons to pick a fight? I avoid the fight. I don’t like the chaos. I don’t like the stress. I do not mince my … Read moreAAM – Day 21 (One thing other people don’t understand)

AAM – Day 20 (Communication)

Communication is the most slippery of topics in the autistic space. That is because we clearly would communicate differently if we could. So instead of our own communication, we end up needing to emulate the vagueness of a neuro-typical communication. Where introverts may be disgusted and turned off at the idea of small talk, autistic … Read moreAAM – Day 20 (Communication)