AAM – Day 30 (Acceptance means…)

There is so much movement in the diversity and inclusion front these days. Some of it is token and not worth the paper the press release came on. Others are making concerted efforts to take D&I seriously. The only thing I would do different is make sure D&I ropes in EVERYONE. Gender, ethnicity, disability, neuro-type… … Read moreAAM – Day 30 (Acceptance means…)

AAM – Day 10 (Sensory Life)

Before being identified as autistic, I had never thought about sensory overload. So this has been a journey to try and understand my involuntary reactions. I’ve got an issue where I have trouble having people behind me. I haven’t pegged why on that. I’ve never had an issue with loud noise. Volume is an objective … Read moreAAM – Day 10 (Sensory Life)