AAM – Day 19 (I hate it when…)

I hate it when people “listen” to me but don’t actually listen to me. While growing up, it would be a common occurrence in my house to be in a “discussion” of sorts with my parents because we didn’t see eye-to-eye on something I did or wanted to do. During calm times, I was told … Read moreAAM – Day 19 (I hate it when…)

AAM – Day 18 (Someday…)

It’s easy to say someday… Someday, I will be rich. Someday, I will have my debts paid off. Someday, I will have the job I always wanted. Someday, I will have that amazing car. Someday… Someday needs to be today for all of your personal “somedays”. For the somedays you can’t control… I hope someday … Read moreAAM – Day 18 (Someday…)

AAM – Day 16 (Work/School)

Last time I went through being in school, the entire graduate program was 70% working in a group that you stayed with the entire program. That helped so much. They are the reason I finished, not to mention with a solid grade. Work is another beast all together. It’s hard if you go work in … Read moreAAM – Day 16 (Work/School)

AAM – Day 15 (Everyone should know…)

The Queen of Soul got this one right. What should everyone know? R-E-S-P-E-C-T! As an autistic person, I just want to have the same respect shown as anyone else. I just want to be included in what everyone else is. I want to know you’re going to ask me about something I did or said … Read moreAAM – Day 15 (Everyone should know…)

AAM – Day 9 (Favorite Autistic-owned Business)

I’ll be honest and say I’m not personally aware of any autistic-owned businesses. But there are two fathers out there that are trying to make the world better for their autistic children, and are helping out other autistic people as well. One is a car wash in Florida. The owner started the car wash to give … Read moreAAM – Day 9 (Favorite Autistic-owned Business)

AAM – Day 8 (Favorite Autistic Blog)

My favorite autistic blog… you mean besides myself? LOL Probably the one blog I return to every time is that of the Neurodivergent Rebel. She’s really the first person I came across in the #ActuallyAutistic Twitter community, so her material is centering. Plus, she’s often the voice of the middle, and of the majority, and … Read moreAAM – Day 8 (Favorite Autistic Blog)

AAM – Day 7 (The Autistic Community)

(Here I am playing catch-up again. But at least it was because I don’t get online much on the weekends.) Talking about the autistic community is an interesting conundrum. No matter the subject matter, the concept of community exists mainly for adults. It is not something that is taught to or pushed for kids. You … Read moreAAM – Day 7 (The Autistic Community)

AAM – Day 2 (What I love about being autistic is…)

So I stumbled across this blog challenge a few days late. Yes, I am playing catch-up… What I love about being autistic is I now have an explanation for my uniqueness and quirkiness. I have always been the weird person in the room. I’ve been tolerated. No longer am I just being tolerated. I’m being … Read moreAAM – Day 2 (What I love about being autistic is…)

AAM – Day 1 (Intro)

Hi. I’m known around these haunts as The Thinker. I go by the name Michael Mordrid. It doesn’t mean that’s really my name. What it does mean is that my real life world doesn’t understand my thought process well enough to accept me unfiltered. So I crawl around the Internet in my true form. My … Read moreAAM – Day 1 (Intro)